Our Testimonials

This letter is to show my deepest gratitude and thanks for the exemplary directors, nurses and doctors at the Oyuna Hospice program that tented to my fiancée in his final months. I would first like to thank and recognize the nursing team leader, who managed Kevin’s care in such a compassionate way. She made a point to be very aware of everyone’s needs and concerns and was always one phone call away. I commend her for balancing a strong sense of professionalism with a tender touch. In a word, she was fantastic. Furthermore, all of the other nurses and aides that came in contact with Kevin and I through Oyuna Hospice were outstanding. These nurses not only tended to my fiancées needs, but also to all of those around him that were trying to deal with the circumstances surrounding his illness. They went above and beyond to make sure that he was comfortable and easily navigated the differing personalities of his family and friends. In addition to the incredibly dedicated and compassionate nursing staff at Oyuna Hospice, we were lucky enough to find one of the most amazing doctors at your facilities. He was incredibly knowledgeable, professional, ethical, nurturing and very compassionate. He visited and called every few days to check up on Kevin and chat with me about his condition. He even took the time to answer panicked questions that I had at all hours of the night. Considering that Kevin and I do not have much family to speak of, Oyuna Hospice medical team was invaluable to us both. Now that he’s passed, I know I’ll never find someone as special. But it was Kevin that introduced me to my new family, at Oyuna Hospice.
Cecilia C.
My ailing mother received the services of Oyuna Hospice for 8 full months before passing at her home last year. During that time, our family had the opportunity and privilege to work with some of the most compassionate and caring medical staff that I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. I know from my experience as a service manage that individual staff members are not often recognized for the excellent service that they provide. I’ve already taken the time to personally thank and offer gratitude to the individual staff members that I interacted with, but want to take this opportunity to go into the attention to detail and care offered by the staff. The assistant registered nurse assigned to my mother’s case kept me up to date and informed on my mother’s status on a daily basis. She listened to my concerns and went out of her way to act immediately on medical requests made by my sister and I. Despite declining pastoral services, Oyuna Hospice’s clergy appointee reached out to me after my mother’s passing to check in on us to see how we were doing. I cannot imagine having to undergo this experience without Oyuna Hospice. I feel forever indebted to the nurses, caregivers, assistants, secretaries, physicians and managers involved in my mother’s case. You’ve created a tremendously caring group of medical administers that I’ll never forget.
Mary H.
My wife and I cannot thank all of the staff at Oyuna Hospice enough for their care, especially for the extra compassion shown when we called in a panic, late at night, over the weekends… the list goes on. It has been so reassuring to know that we were not alone in carrying out Mom’s dying wish to pass away in the comfort of her own home. The unbelievably caring nurses made sure to take extra measures to ensure that we had the medical supplies, medical equipment and medications that were prescribed per our house doctor. In addition to their detailed medical care, the nurses of Oyuna Hospice offered my wife and I all of the information we needed regarding coping with her passing. I don’t know what we would have done otherwise, thank you Oyuna Hospice.
Grace R.

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